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What is this? Who are we? This is The Celsius, a Final Fantasy X-2 fanfiction community. X-2 is the (in)famous sequel to Final Fantasy X, in which a blitzball player name Tidus was spat out of his eternal dream at Zanarkand and into the arms of Yuna, a summoner who Kicked Yu Yevon In The Tadger. The sequel, naturally, revisits some old characters as well as introduces you to some new ones. This game, I've found, is as hated as much as it's loved. Those who love it are free to post ficlets into it; thus, this community. Enjoy!

1) Any fic goes. If het pairings tickle your pickle, then go ahead. Slash? Enjoy yourself. If you don't even want to touch pairings, then go right on ahead, as well! Adventure fics are fun, too.
2) Don't be stupid. No flaming, grammar preferred in random talking, death to teh_StIkKy_CaPz, etc. If you can do that, you're good as gold.
3) Betas and grammar are your friend when writing fiction. If you can't get someone to proof, then use your friend, Word's Spell Check. You'll thank yourself when you look back at this later.
4) Don't feel intimidated over people who are hardcore canon pairings; you can post whatever you want, pairings-wise, even if it's something really icky like Paine x Shinra.
5) Um. Talking about FFX-2 is cool and everything, but asking about game tips is not permitted. Use the handy "search interests: FFX-2" or click on the interest links at the bottom of the screen to find out about some communities that can help. This is fic-tastic, right?
6) Don't feel like epics are required. Poetry works, and so do drabbles. Really, whatever... tickles your pickle!
7) Label your fiction! Preferably in this manner:
Title: Quite obvious, here.
Author: Ditto
Genre: Romance, adventure, parody... etc.
Pairing: If applies.
Rating: Rate it like movies! :D
Disclaimer: It can be like, "I DO NOT OWN SQUARE ENIX OMFG," or "... I wish I didn't claim this." You know, same old same old.
Notes: If you want to summarize, feel free. It'd be nice to know what we're getting into, though.

After that, put the fic behind cuts: [lj-cut text="Blah Blah Blah."], except replace [ ] with < >.

This is brought to you by keylimetruffle. She apologizes profusely. ;D