FIC: Too Much of a Good Thing

For schattenstern's Final Fantasy fanfiction exchange

Title: Too Much of a Good Thing or On The Peculiar Mating Habits of the Al Bhed
Author: mneme_forgets (aka fyre byrd - you can find me at under this name)
Warnings: non-con, graphic sex
Pairing: Rin/O'aka
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: The characters don't belong to me they belong to Squaresoft.
Summary: "But what I managed to conclude from the whole state of affairs is that the Al Bhed, apart from all being shrewd businessfolk, is also all sex fiends."
Notes: A special thanks to xelias who gave me the idea for non-con that doesn't involve whips and chains with a very unique pairing and for her suggestions for changes after reading through the story.

Also, for those who are curious I was working with a request for a FFX/FFX-2 story, non-con, no conventional pairings with a preference for yaoi.

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Still Dancing...

Title: Sill Dancing
Author: raven_rabit (what? pen name? Rhiannon Rose? Natelie Bell? *shrug* Whatever.)
Genre: ...Musing?
Pairing: None...
Rating: G (no violence, no swearing, no nudity...)
Disclaimer: I was looking at icons and suddenly got inspired. Grammar probably sucks, spelling is probably really bad, and there are probably a lot of typos... but it was spur of the moment creativity...
Notes: Constructive criticism on perhaps the content, not grammar/spelling/nazi-english-teacher type stuff. It takes place between FFX and FFX2... Just a short character builder for Yuna... Randomness....

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Look! A fic!!!

Title: Family Sacrifice
Author: raven_rabit
Genre: I'm not sure what genre this is... It's in pre-game times though...
Pairing: None...
Rating: Definately G, good language, but the theme is a little sad...
Disclaimer: Square Enix owns appropriate charecers, but the "mother" is mine. At least, I've never seen them mention her a whole lot, have you?
Notes: I want to think of a name for "mother" but I'm not always very good at that, so if anyone has any good ideas, comment and let me know... I'm thinking of doing a whole segment on her, because I like her ^.^ so she'll need a name... Thanks!
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chaos: in the ancient era.

*gasp* An actual fic!

Yes, so... >.> I feel a little sheepish about this, just because it's been so quiet here. But I guess I'll go on ahead, because I needed to share this with the world. ^^;

Title: The World's Craziest Idea
Author: Xel
Genre: General, mostly. A touch of humor. It's a fluffy little thing.
Pairing: O'aka/Clasko. *cough*
Rating: R for a little language and a little smut.
Disclaimer: Characters aren't mine but I'd be happy if they were.
Notes: A couple of guys with some problems on their hands... I still can't believe I wrote this. *a little embarrassed* ^^;

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